Corporate Social Responsibility

Donation to Lysosomal Disease Association (MLDA)

MLDA is a NGO advocating for treatment right especially for all Lysosomal Storage Diseases. Lysosomal Disease Patients are a group of preciously rare individuals in need of lifelong treatment in the form of Enzyme Replacement Theraphy which costs RM 1,000,000 each year in average.

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Email to MLDA:

Contact MLDA: 019-6899620



Donation to Yayasan Orang Buta MalaysiaUntitled

Yayasan Orang Buta Malaysia or known as Malaysian Foundation for the Blind, was established to benefit the lives of more blind and partially sighted people, and allow them to face the future with confidence.

Every dollar donated allows Yayasan Orang Buta Malaysia to:

  • Advance assistive technologies
  • Advocate the rights and interests of blind and partially sighted people
  • Provide resources and support for everyone affected by blindness or visual impairment, including senior citizens, parents, families and friends
  • Act as a hub of information for professionals in the vision loss field

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Donation to University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Educational Foundation

downloadUTAR is a not-for-profit private university owned by the UTAR Education Foundation which receives funding from the generous contributions of benefactors, the alumni and individuals. UTAR’s main objective is to provide affordable quality private education to the community. The UTAR Education Foundation enables many financially challenged families to provide an opportunity for their children to obtain a reputable private education at UTAR and to improve the quality of their lives through their children’s improved education and enhanced employment opportunities.

 Contributions go directly into the UTAR Education Foundation and fund programmes benefiting students like:
Financial assistance and scholarships
Student welfare, recreational and educational activities
Educational programmes, research and development projects, resources and equipment

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Sponsorship of Uniten’s “Malaysia Book Of Records For The Largest Logo made Using Plastic Bottle Caps”

MBR banner(english version)2.0 metd_my_2808_pg18_yvonneleemy_3 IMG_20150904_102319

The biggest logo for the record! This event celebrates the masterpiece comprising 622,347 plastic bottle caps. The project was completed by some 150 Universiti Tenaga Nasional (Uniten) students in two days. Read more for the success of this event as reported by The Star metro (28 August 2015).


UTAR Presentation

The presentation was done to increase the knowledge and awareness of students towards renewable engineering in industrial applications.

The scope of presentation includes:

  • Overview of Renewable Energy
  • Introduction to Biomass plant
  • Solar PV system design & calculation
  • 11kV interconnection
  • Testing & Commisioning as per SEDA requirements